As we approached January last year, we were not so secretly thinking, 'How is it 2020 already?' But after the year we've just had, our outer most fabulous person is saying 'Bring on summer 2021!' Because, with a new year comes the perfect excuse to return to our re-opened hairdressers and an opportunity to replace our grown out roots and DIY box dyes greys, with a fresh new look. Luckily, there's a whole host of new hairstyles and hair trends just waiting to be experimented with.

Whether it's the return of 80s mullets, but with a modern shaggy twist, or working this year's most outrageous hair colours (bubblegum pink and fiery red are so hot right now), 2021 summer is the perfect time go big and bold and test out the most coveted hairstyles and hair trends working their way down the runways and onto the streets.

1. THE 40' WAVE

Recreate the look using a  curling tong with a barrel that’s not too big, and take a front section and curl, let it set and cool, then brush it out and you’ll get a firm wave. You can use a bobby pin to fix it in place – you can even leave the pin in – and then have the rest of your hair really natural in contrast to the front wave. It’s a great little nod to the 40s.



We saw a lot of swept back, androgynous side partings in  recent Amerian TV shows. If you don’t usually wear your hair in a side parting, you may need to coax it into place slightly. You can do this by using a hairdryer and use the heat to almost set your new parting in place. Keep the top of the hair smooth and avoid fly-aways by spraying a bristle brush with hairspray and brush through. This will smooth out the hair and allow you to get that swept back look.



Think 90s Pamela Anderson. What’s perfect for this for the 'on the go, back to work, back to the gym' you are able to use a cordless  tong or Wand Perfect that you can throw in your handbag  and use on the go for some big oomph.



Have stronger looks with more definition and contrast – something that will be noticed on zoom calls. Now you're  not so worried about the soft beachy highlights that look like a long holiday in the sun since so few of us were able to actually go on one this year.

'2020 proved to be the year where people were willing to experiment a little bit with their own hair – you can use a gloss  to get a semi-permanent bold cherry red, a gentle copper or even a champagne hue.



One of the  most popular colours this summer will be pink, and with  more people trying brighter pink tones in 2021.  Pink is a Super Cool Colour and is a great shade to try because it’s flattering on everyone. It’s a bubblegum, mid pink , and it became so highly requested this year. To create the colour, you need to start with a light, bleached blonde base.



The effortless, undone bob will continue to be a popular cut going into 2021. It’s one of the signature styles and now a classic staple. I have so many clients that come  to me and request it time and time again, I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere soon! I’m liking the all one length bob with a 90s feel – stepping away from a more ‘twee’ bob with a lot more shape. It’s such an easily maintained cut that is super chic, yet relaxed and doesn’t look like you’ve made loads of effort.'



The idea of modern hair is to feel easy. It doesn’t matter if it's bleached hair or green hair like I did at Valentino – the idea at the end of the day is for it to become easy looking. Even the haircuts at Prada, even though they were extreme, had to look like the girl almost could have done it herself. It's about using a curling iron or a hairdryer in the slightest of ways – having great tools around to just slightly style it makes the difference. It needs to feel relatable to feel modern – overly blow dried or curled hair doesn’t generally look good.



When we all hear the word crimping we have panics of 70s through backs. However, wavers are proving hugely popular throughout the industry. Essentially a giant crimper, it gives an incredible scrunched tight beach wave as if you have had your hair in plaits. Partner this with a choppy, layered, collar bone cut and you've got 2021’s hottest trend



 Headbands are going to be big for sure.  2020 is a year we won’t forget quickly but I think one thing people really started to do was find easier ways of managing their hair. Headbands are great for shorter hair and bobs but also for longer hair to make more of a fashion statement.



Layers are now a bit more invisible, they’re not as obvious as they were in the 90s, you don’t see steps or lines – they’re much more subtle or 2021.

My favourite trend for 2021 is the root clash or root smudge technique like Billie Eilish’s green and black hair. A root clash is a brighter, playful way to try a multi-toned look when it’s time to refresh your roots. You can create a root smudge by fading a colour from the roots into your existing blonde or, I like to pick two contrasting colours for your roots and your lengths. The bolder the better.


Maria Grazia said it in the most understandable way – she said to me ‘the hair shouldn’t be perfect. It should look like the woman is at home doing it – she just puts it into two braids and puts it up and she might have a head scarf and she puts that on.' Of course, when it’s Dior it elevates it to another level. But, in reality that hair is something you could also wear at home with a sloppy jumper. It’s style without being overly complicated. Do the braids badly so little bits fall out and it looks lovely and soft.'

Shag haircuts that are really layered – slightly rock and roll haircuts . I think of the shag as a softer version of a mullet. A mullet in its true sense is like David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust years. A shag is like a grown out mullet – even Meg Ryan’s shag was actually a very grown out mullet.'


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