Do you know these hair facts….
1. The hair is the 2nd fastest growing tissue in your body.
2. 17% of people with danduff actually don’t have it , it’s shampoo particles that haven’t been rinsed properly.
3. Your hair is weakest when wet so avoid brushing it when wet.
4. Healthy hair is stronger than copper.
5. A single strand of hair only lives 5 years.
6. A single strand of healthy hair can hold 3oz in weight.
7. Brightly coloured hair fades quickly with to much shampooing so instead of washing it every time try refreshing with just a conditioner.
8. Washing your hair 3 or more times a week caused danduff and hair loss. Yes over washing can cause baldness.
9. Normal to dry hair needs washing a maximum of twice a week
10. If you hair or scalp is greasy then wash as often as nessasary but avoid conditioner


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