If you hair is suffering with the hot hot weather and you really want to stay frizz free read this following useful information and tip and see if you can contain your mane
Dryness is the main reason for frizz hair , however saying that fine hair is also prone to it too. Dryness can happen because the hair’s natural sebum doesn’t always reach from the roots of your hair to the end especially on longer hair.
The lack of moisture within the hair causes the hair to reach out for it in other places like the environment and around you. So when it’s humid the hair shafts scream ” drink drink drink, moisture moisture, moisture”  in their tiny little voices., and try to absorb as much of it as they can.
1. Keep you lush locks Hydrated by using hair masks, conditioners , coconut oil or even olive oil. The weight of these products will hold the hair down. But beware that you don’t use to much otherwise you hair will just look greasy. Start with the amount in the middle of your hand the size of a 20p and rub it into your hand first than run your hands with open fingers thought the middle and end sections of your hair.  This is also great for curly and coily  hair .
2. keep an eye out for ingredients like flaxseeds, agrave, aloe vera and glycerin in your deep conditioning  hair mask as they will long-term benefit your hair 
3.  A few things to avoid to help stop the frizz monster in your hair. Sorry ladies and gents but avoiding  all blow-drying and heated hair tools with really help but if you really can’t avoid them than invest a good quality heat protector and a deep conditioning treatment beforehand . It doesn’t have to be expensive i love UNIQU ONE by revlon roughly 9e and one bottles lasts me 8 to 9 months. 


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