A lot of clients that are going grey want to colour their hair to match their greying roots thinking it will mean not more hair colouring for them. but this is not the case. The hair still has to be lightened and toned to achieve this  meaning there will still be maintenance needed.

Jack martin stylist to the stars recently shared this which I think is a fabulous explanation in photo form to help you decide.
Jack martin….
A silver transformation looks like this after a few weeks or months, this client came to me for a silver transformation 4 month ago then came back yesterday for a toner and trim. Client was extremely happy with the way it’s holding, it looked very natural and you can’t see any line of demarcation between her natural roots and the rest of her hair that has been worked on, she got lots of compliments but she followed carefully all maintenance steps I asked her to do, purple shampoo, shampoo once a week with cold water, eliminate the use of hot tools, use a deep conditioning mask once a week. I hope this post answers a lot of people’s concerns about the upkeeps and the fading process.


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