Well what a year its been . Its had its ups and down and its inbetweens.
I had my 1st grandchild born. I know shocking I am a Glam-ma not to be mistaken for a Grandma 
I lost 2 of my 5 dogs. Over the rainbow bridge they went.
I have been to my 1st ever pantomime. Oh no I haven’t, oh yes I have. What a blast it was. 
I sold a house, than I didn’t sell a house,  now I’m again selling the house. 
Thank you bank of England for raising the rates so that I  have to sell at a time when others are finding it hard to borrow money.   
Last week was my last working trip back to the UK. It was hard to say goodbye to clients I have been seeing for 10 to 17 years. I have watched their child grow as they have watched mine. But with random travel strikes, price increases, luggage allowance decreasing and a huge increase in the amount of paperwork HMRC now require for me to work in England its just not worth it for me. The stress is too much
I selling up my wonderful cave house to get back in the full time working world of Hair. 
New salon  Oh watch this space and I’m hoping to have accomanction to be able to welcome my client’s from around the world for more than just a hair experience. Rural Spain is amazing.
This year I have watched old techniques from the days I begin my career 20 plus years ago come into fashion again with fancy new names and very high prices. I again have watched salon increase their prices because their costs have risen so much and worry weather the public can continue to afford the services. It is a uncertain time for the hair industry all over the world. But i sat and smile and hopeful make a difference to the people i met along the way.
I’ve made new friends and lost some along the way. But i’ve always got “as we all have” the friends that will stay with you forever. without speaking in months you can pick up where you left off all that time ago. 
I am writing this now on the 16th Dec 2022 because I know my feet will not touch the floor now until after the new year


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