It’s Official—This Autumn Will Be All About the ’90s Bob

Our obsessions with the BOB over the years has been extraordinary . Year in and year out since hairstyles began it has  reinvents itself . Or us stylists have reinvented it for you beautiful people.

But now some 30 years later its here again to stay.  wowza. We have seen just about every type of Bob resurfaced on the high street to the catwalk recently .
 The classic haircut is such a timeless choice if your looking to cut your hair short and have many variation  of styling while still leaving an option later to change your mind and regrow it quickly. 
often i will razor cut the ends on thicker hair to give more movement but i tend to stick with just a scissor cut on fine hair. The idea of the 90s cut is to just go with it without to much if any extra  styling or work . Natural hair at its best 
The 90s Bob can  make your hair appear so much thicker , elongate your neck and  expose the decolletage in a very elegant way. It works on nearly all face shapes and hair types 
  • if your ready for the chop, let’s do it, 


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