January began with a few local covid restrictions here, mainly keeping to small groups, staying within Granada Province only  and the usual compulsory mask wearing.
Our number of covid-19 have slowly begun to increase again after the Christmas period.


Here in Andalucia we had a deep snowfall which was very much enjoyed by us humans and dogs alike . The local farmers came out in force to clear the road and even our rural tracks to allow us to get out and about. It's now 7 days later and we still have snow on the fields sitting under the almond trees untouched  in the shade. It's absolutely stunning, It is  the most snow I've ever seen in my whole life. 


I personally had a few spares days on my hands and with a new stock of KALLOS tints I got easily distracted .  For the past 3 years I have on and off been growing out my natural grey but after my teenage son kept commenting I finally had enough. I gave myself a full root colour of 11.2, an after toner of silver, a trim and blowdry. Gross it  felt good 
????  Is that how fluffy and bouncy my clients feel after having their hair done?
I love the different tones I have now in my hair, blonde, cream, white, gold, silver and darker shadows. 
I am now back to full time work still taking precautions with covid, and using my new  KALLOS products including the new tint range . ❤


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