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Hair colour against your skin tone is super important.
There is nothing worse than you thinking you look amazing on a night out with the girls and them commenting on how exhausted and drain you look.
 When in fact your on top of the world but you hair colour is washing all the glow off you skin.
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Identifying your skin tone

To identify your complexion tone, check the wrists of your hands. Do you have blue or green veins? This is an indicator of your skin tone. If you have green veins, your complexion is warm. If you see both colors, you have a neutral complexion.

If you’re still insecure, try this: put on some silver earrings or a necklace and look in the mirror. Then put on gold jewelry. What color looks best? Cool complexion tones look most radiant in silver, and gold jewelry in warm-toned skin.
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Hair color for light skin.

If you have very fair skin, with cool undertones (meaning you have pink, bluish, or reddish undertones in your complexion), you’ll want your hair color to help minimize redness in your skin. Warm or golden hair tones flatter fair skin with cool undertones, so choose golden blondes, warm reds, or neutral browns that will help balance your rosy skin tone and complement your face.

For warmer skin tones (gold-based skin), your ideal hair color should give your skin a natural-looking, healthy color. Choose shades that are cool, ash, or have reddish undertones, such as honey or strawberry reds, golden browns, cool browns.

Hair color for dark skin.

The contrast between your skin tone and your hair color is key. What you don’t want is your hair color to be too close to your skin tone, otherwise your physical features will be lost instead of highlighted. If your skin is warm or golden, copper or mahogany colors go for you to illuminate your face. For cool undertones in the complexion, accentuate your face with cool red, dark brown, or even deep black hair colors.

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Below are a few examples  of when celebrities got it wrong 
or did they???
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