At the age of 16 after leaving school with my GCSEs I decided to embark on a career in hairdressing. I began my career with 3 months in a full time college course where I quickly discovered there was not enough hands on experience for me.

I then took an apprenticeship with a salon in Hailsham, East Sussex where for 2 years I had day release to Lewis Hairdressing  Training Consultation,  alongside in-house training via the companies the salon used and the other members of the  experienced staff. I  achieved level 1, 2 and 3  city and guilds qualifications in hairdressing and a barbering certificate.

I then  moved to work at a salon in Eastbourne. YU Hair Design of Eastbourne . This salon was part of a larger network of salons owned by one main man an amazingly eccentric man named *Dallas* a very close friend of *Lord Sutch of the raving loony party* and each salon had another 2  partners. 

Within  4 months I had made partner, buying out out Dallas son *Gaylord* and a very well known stylist on the scene at these times in London, so he could concentrate  more on his flourishing career.

During my years of being a partner myself and all the other partners and salons throughout the organization took part in many Hairdressing shows and seminars throughout the UK working alongside  Schwarzkopf, Wella and salon supplies in  showcasing  their products and our skills  on stage. 

My salon at the time had grown considerably in demand and we were having to open 7 days a week 9-12 hours a day fully staffed  to meet our clientele demands.  After 4 years I reluctantly  stepped away to start my next stage of life and start a family. 

After moving to West Sussex and having 2 children within 3 years I realized how much I missed Hairdressing.

I took a job in a brand new salon in Rustington where I was living  *Unique Hair,  where working with a small close knit group of girls we quickly established it as the place to go and our work was exceptional . We were continually completing courses and education systems being given to us by our suppliers. 

In our village this salon was most definitely the trend setters. We were this 1st salon locally to experiment with the NEW bright colour systems, asymmetrical haircuts and loose free hand unconventional cutting. I worked here with the same team of stylists and barbers for over 10 years, during  the last 2 years I also  worked  in the evening and Sundays as a mobile hairdresser. 

After remarrying we decided to buy a cave house in  Andalucía, rural Spain, and try our luck at being Troglodytes. 

I continue to fly back to the UK for 7-10 days every 7 weeks to work with my long standing clientele list I have there and to keep up to date with all retraining and Hairdressing educational information .  

Also for the last 11 months have become autonomo *self-employed* here in Spain as a mobile hairdressing which i will continue to do. 

So as i think I have explained, I bring a lot of experience , education and confidence in my knowledge of the understanding of my choice profession to you all. 


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