As an experienced hair designer and colorist it is difficult to find the time to get my own colour done. 

Today will be  the last day I have to myself for a while because of so many work commitment
My hair was already blonde with previous highlights and high-lift tints so the preparation was all ready done.
Step by step to achieve me colour goal*
* Shampooed and towel dried no conditioner
* Using a pintail comb and sectioning clips , I sectioned up the different sections in a zig zag method
* Applied blue to the bottom section and twisted to one side. Than the next section in pink, than the next section magenta.
*  I than saturated the final larger top section in affinage infinity using 1/2 6.177 and 1/2 9.177 and 1.9%. 
* Waited 25 minutes for the colours to develop
* Rinsed thoroughly in cold water until the water run clear before  using Kallos banana shampoo and hair mask. 
* Blow-dried and straighten 


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