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 @marissapusateri The process of going from dark to blonde is something influencers and celebrities have made seem so painless and easy that us  colourists’ frustrations with clients wanting one-session results continue to rise.

The reason I decided to make the post about the process of going blonde was to educate the clients about how hard it is to achieve the perfect blonde in one session. I wanted my clients to see what the process looks like so they know going into it what to expect. 
 With Pinterest and these amazing transformations you see on Instagram, it can be difficult to tell your clients that they won’t be able to achieve the perfect blonde in one session. 
The above colour  bands was lightened four times within two hair appointments. She took fine, tiny sections and 20 volume and carefully applied it to just the darker areas to avoid overlapping on the ends and the level 8/9 virgin top of the hair. No heat was used during the process, 

Clients, trust us when we say going blonde is a process, It takes time, money, and awkward phases.


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