Sometimes ” time for change” is looking you in the mirror. 

Every day you look at your reflection and you flick your fringe from your eyes , you flatten down the volume while you notice the grey hairs seeping in around your hairline and the dark roots already poking through your recently  colored blonde locks. 
You have a flashback of the days before you ever coloured your hair. The days when a monthly salon visit for a tint touch up wasn't  necessary every 4 week. You push your hair from side to side just to see more of the mixture of colours you have accumulated naturally and artificially. 
You've considered going back to your natural colour before  but the voices in the back of your head keep  screaming “your too young to be grey” “dark may not suit me”    “will I need to change my makeup and clothes to match”. 
All these questions can be answered and solved with a consultation with your hair designer .  Be Brave . Take on Change.  Be Yourself . You Are Beautiful 
Going natural with save you time and money 


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