TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE 

* I remember being told at school “every-one sees colours differently” & WOW , they weren't lying.

* 1/4 of all people will see this photo as brown hair, not blonde.
 * We need to remember that all colours look different not only  in different lighting but also in different surroundings. Strange you may say.  But under the bright white professional lighting of a salon it will look its best as a bright ash blonde, but under a yellow or orange gloomy bathroom light for example  with the light bouncing in the room it will look so much warmer. Outside on a sunny cloud free day it will look crisp and icy blonde but with dark clouds and shadows being casted it will again look darker.

 * As well as leaving the salon with the ash blonde hair you desire ,  which has been washed and styled  with professional products to enhance the new true colouring you may also be  going home to use products that smell great be do nothing for the longevity  of the new colour. 
* When changing the colour of your hair, always wear a neutral coloured top. Anything bright or warm toned  will  give your eyes the illusion of its  shade and tone  reflecting on the hair  and  are not really  present on the colour itself 


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