I'm often asked by my clients which shampoo , conditioner or hair mask would be best for them. With the market saturated with so many different brands and companies all promising to give you the soft, silky, luscious looks we are all yarning  for it's difficult to choose. I spoke directly to some of my clients and they wanted good quality and kindly sourced products with fantastic scent and reason on the purse. Most people spend between £1.99 and £4.50 per 250ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner  from a superstore. 

I took all this information on board and went on the hunt for the last 4 months ordering products from all over the world to try out on myself and my family and a few friends. 
Kallos is  a brand that stuck out to me as not only mindblowing scents and very good value for money but the most importantly  they actually do what they say on the bottle without leaving an readue. With 1 litre bottle of product available for as little as €6.25 that's fantastic value for your money. If you were buying your normal 250ml of shampoo that would equate  to about €1.50 a bottle.         1 of my 1 litre bottles is equivalent to 4 of your 250 ml bottles. 
* See Size Really Does Matter*
So with this is mind I have decided to stock a selection of their amazing products, please  pop into my facebook shop to browse through them  


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